ilabb Syndicate History

ilabb Syndicate History

Some 16 years ago, founders Seadon Baker and Matt Saunders formulated the early concept of ilabb. ilabb was created through the concept of a team, moreover an army of unique individuals who believed in a common goal of turning heads and breaking barriers. That group was called the ilabb syndicate.

The Syndicate was the very first attempt of showcasing an untraditional race team in front of the New Zealand motocross community. The team’s talents, guerrilla marketing and down-home approachability made (and still make) this team’s era the stuff of legends.

The team went on to be named 2006 MX Team of the Year, and is a direct product of fans and officials realising the true passion, dedication, focus and heart outlaid at every event, race and fan interaction.

Though it’s been relatively dormant for years, ilabb’s team is similar to any volcano - you can feel the ground shake before it erupts. We’re stoked to see the ilabb syndicate reignite and come to life through a world of super talent leaders. 

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